Make Money From Free Blog

Are you blogging on platform or blogger platform and just wondering whether you can make money from it or not? If yes, then this is only for you. First, if you have just started blogging on, you have to know about the variations of wordpress. So first here you go.

It offers 2 ways to create your blog:

  • : Free platform which is easy for anyone to start a blog immediately. But it has some limitations too. Like:

You will have no control over your site. I mean to say blogger or can shut your site anytime without informing you.

Your domain name does not look professional as it contains a subdomain like or .



  • : This is also known as self hosted platform where anyone can host his/her blog on their own server. It requires a little technical information ( but just little). And there is 0 limitations here.


But no matter which platform you choose, it all depends on your content and audience traffic. But let me clear one thing that if you’re really serious about making money from online, free blogs is not right choice then. Make sure to create a self hosted wordpress blog that is both search engine and user friendly. Hurray ..

But that does not mean if you’re a free platform blogger you can’t make money.

Let me help, first only think about your blog and your content . if you’re totally dedicated then you’ll get enough engagement.

Here are the proven ways :


If you’re a user then you can’t use google Adsense in here. But you can use WordAds. Its available for every user but you need to apply for it. Its simple and easy too. So start right now. And you can check your WordAds earning from setting easily.

If you’re a, user then there is an advantage . its Google Adsense friendly. All you need is engagement and a paypal account.

Affiliate Marketing:


This might be a surprise but let user use Affiliate Links.

But you can’t use link sources like pornography, gambling sites, get rich etc.

Affiliate Marketing can boost your earning for sure. It’s definitely the best way to make huge in short time.

Sponsored posts:

This is another and effective method you can use but on your to earn a good income/money. This is good , if you are getting enough traffic on your blog and there are advertisers who would like to pay a good amount for writing a sponsored post.

Let me clear points here:

  • If you want to use 3rd party advertising program like Adsense or BuySellAds , then you have to be a self hosted user. It means
  • If you are violating advertising policy by using 3rd party ads or links to illegal sites, your blog will be suspended.

You have to remember three important rules for making money online:

  • Create keyword rich site/article
  • Increase your online influence .for example you can use Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • Then monetize your blog.




You will get a huge income if you get good traffic and that will only come if you post regular and good content on your particular niche.

Here is a perfect guide to make a free blog.






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