Who is not aware about the popularity of INSTAGRAM – THE LARGEST PHOTO SHARING PLATFORM .

Nowadays everyone want to be a popular face/account on IG. Well, it’s not that tough. All you have to do is maintain consistency and a little work. I have seen many social media account going from zero to Hero within 1-2 months and some have worked their way to fame.

So, if you’re thinking about “ HOW TO BECOME POPULAR ON INSTAGRAM” then here is a perfect guide. Just follow some cool and effective steps.



Do you have any passion? Everyone does have. Right? Do you like singing, or dancing or drawing or just anything . IG have 600 million monthly active users. There is space for every topic.

All you have to do is START NOW.




Choose a catchy/attractive user name. It does matters a lot.



    Hashtag Notification Concept

Hashtags (#####) are very very important. Use # related to your feed/post. Remember to use trending hashtags. For this you can use TRACKMAVEN. They show you the most trending instagram hashtags from worldwide.


Make sure to give your best post. And make your caption attractive.




This is the key step of all. Maintaining consistency is where all begins. Remember to post a pic daily. You can check by yourself that accounts with huge following base maintains consistency first.




Follow other users as much as you can so you can come in the view of other users too. Comment on others feed and like back. Never ask for FOLLOWBACK or LIKE4LIKE. This will degrade your status.


NOTE- If you are about to open a FANPAGE. Don’t be afraid or don’t hesitate. Just go ahead and give your best by following above steps. I remember a fanpage of ANJELINA JOLIE making bucks from $200 an hour for paid promotions. The only thing that matters is your effort and consistency.




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